Welcome to your Level Test

1) __________ is the post office?
2) Why __________ you taking an umbrella?
3) __________ you think Chinese is difficult?
4) __________ do you come from?
5) __________ you like a cup of tea?
6) I __________ been to the USA yet.
7) I __________ play the violin and the guitar.
8) Claire doesn't know __________ wrote the e-mail.
9) __________ you eaten your sandwich?
10) __________ do you go to school? On foot.
11) I got this motorbike four weeks __________.
12) How __________ do you think you'll study here for?
13) How many exercises __________ you done so far?
14) I like hamburgers very __________.
15) Does Jim live with his parents?
No, he __________.
16) Peter is __________ intelligent than his sister.
17) Glasgow are a __________ football team than Liverpool.
18) Have you __________ to Paris?
19) I studied __________ four years at London College.
20) I __________ realised he was your brother, sorry!
21) How __________ do you weigh?
22) Sorry. It __________ been a very hard day.
23) __________ your homework!
24) __________ you like to go to the mountain this weekend?
25) "I'm delighted!"" __________ am I."
26) I can't play tennis now, but I __________ when I was younger.
27) If you could meet anyone, who __________ you choose?
28) If you are late again, I'm sure you __________ be fired.
29) Ian has __________ working very late at work recently.
30) If I __________ known the answer I would've got a better mark in the test.
31) Paper __________ made from wood.
32) You must __________ me to buy Sylvie a present, or I'll forget.
33) "I often go to Cheltenham." "Really? So __________ I."
34) The gold bracelet was __________ expensive for me to buy, so I bought the silver one.
35) I want to know what happened, so please __________ me the truth.
36) Eva lives __________ the fifth floor of a block of flats.
37) "When __________ you move to Barcelona?" "Last year."
38) If you go abroad, you __________ carry your passport with you.
39) What is your cousin __________ ?
40) Bill Gates is the __________ man in the world.
41) Adelle __________ to pass her exams to get into university.
42) John really __________ go to the dentist about his teeth, but he won't.
43) If you wait for a moment, __________ drive you home.
44) Can you switch __________ the light? It's getting dark.
45) Where __________ that woman I met yersterday from?
46) Rick isn´t as tall __________ his sister.
47) What time __________ you leave the party last night.
48) This is a difficult exercise, so __________ your time doing it.
49) I'm __________ to take a surfing holiday in Hawaii this Summer.
50) I __________ talk to her right now, if I were you.
51) Would you __________ if I closed the window?
52) __________ Mary had her baby yet?
53) I went __________ to the city centre yesterday and bought lots of nice stuff!
54) There isn't __________ milk left. Someone drank the last bottle.
55) Don't call me before 09:00 pm, as I'll be __________ a football match on TV.
56) If I __________ realised you were tired, I'd have left before.
57) Do you __________ if I listen to music?
58) "What's this key __________ ?""It's the key to the garden shed."
59) If Jane hadn´t been late, she __________ have missed the bus.
60) After no-one bought tickets to the concert, we had to call it __________.
61) It's no use __________. He never listens anyway.
62) If I cook dinner, will you wash __________?
63) She's a bit overweight now, but when she was younger she __________ to be very athletic.
64) Oliver walked to university, as he __________ recently sold his bike.
65) Anna felt sick after she ate the shrimps and so __________ Jamie.
66) I wish I __________ find those old pictures from the holidays to show you.
67) I don't know where Harry is. He __________ have been here by this time.
68) The telephone __________ invented by the Alexander Graham Bell.
69) I'm neither more hard-working __________ less hard-working than my brother.
70) Can I have a return ticket to Dover? Do you have __________ for a £ 20 note?
71) __________ Lorena calls soon, I'm going to call her.
72) Here. Give me a __________ with this box, would you? It's a bit heavy.
73) "Would you like a glass of orange juice?" "I'd __________ have pineapple instead."
74) It's time we __________, Patrick.
75) Patricia would rather __________ have that celery.
76) A trolley is a thing in supermarkets for keeping the things you buy __________.
77) It costs much __________ to fly than it used to, because of all the low cost airlines around.
78) If you __________ eaten so much when you were young, you wouldn't be fat.
79) I'll never forget __________ a bicycle for the first time.
80) __________ the time you read this, I'll be flying to San Diego.
81) I'd rather you __________ smoke in here, if you don't mind.
82) If you don't study harder, you __________ the risk of failing the exam.
83) Dirk __________ better hurry, or he'll miss the train.
84) No __________ which way I try to sleep, my back gives me pain.
85) If __________ I hadn't bought so many things, I'd have some money now.
86) Tests __________ carried out on this substance should determine its origin.
87) You __________ have seen his grandpa; he's dead!
88) It __________ a long time to drive from Barcelona to Madrid.
89) At no time __________ I suspect he was a thief.
90) The fierce snake, __________ venom is extremely toxic, is found in Eastern Asia.
91) the travel agency paid us some money to make ____________ the unsuccessful holiday.
92) I've put __________ the meeting until next week.
93) The show was __________________. We couldn't stop laughing.
94) He was sleeping so _________________ that I didn't like to disturb him.
95) The door was slightly ___________________ but not enough for me to see who was in the room.
96) There was the most unpleasant ______________________ imaginable coming from the drains.
97) I won't come __________________ you let me drive.
98) It was kind _______________ him to stop and give us a lift.
99) When we arrived a crowd _____________________________ for several hours to greet him.
100) A lot ________________ to the house before we can move in.

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